As Seen on TV Mogul Makes Miami Splash with $100 Million Estate Buy

Miami, FL (May 12, 2024) – The Miami real estate market is about to get a jolt from an unexpected source. According to sources close to the deal, an entrepreneur who made their fortune selling products on television is poised to become one of South Florida’s most exclusive homeowners after agreeing to pay a staggering $100 million for a waterfront estate on a prestigious Miami Beach island.

The buyer is identified as AJ Khubani, though details about the specific property and the reasons behind the sky-high price tag remain under wraps. Khubani’s business acumen, however, is no secret. He has become a household name through a series of successful “As Seen on TV” inventions, and his foray into the Miami market has sent shivers of excitement through the city’s high-end real estate circles.

The $100 million price tag would shatter records for the area, making it one of the most expensive properties ever sold in Miami. While details about the estate itself are scarce, industry insiders speculate it boasts not only a prime waterfront location but also significant acreage and luxurious amenities.

Khubani’s purchase is another sign of the continued allure of Miami for the wealthy and famous. The city’s sunny climate, vibrant nightlife, and international flair have long attracted celebrities, athletes, and business titans, and with this record-breaking deal, Miami’s reputation as a playground for the rich and powerful is only likely to grow.


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