Asaba Residents Decry Demolition Notices, Stage Protest at Government House

Residents of Asaba in Delta State took to the streets on Tuesday to protest demolition notices served by the state government. The protesters, mainly from the Iyase and Onishe families, claim the notices target land inherited from their forefathers in 1954, leaving them facing homelessness.

One of the protest leaders, Mr. Chiedu Jologam, told reporters that the marked land is rightfully theirs. They believe the government overstepped its bounds and are requesting intervention.

The Delta State government, on the other hand, maintains the targeted properties are on “government lands,” particularly those belonging to Dennis Osadebay University. They are cracking down on “illegal occupiers” as part of a wider effort.

Receiving the protestors, the Chief of Staff, Mr. Johnson Erijo, assured them their concerns would be brought to the governor’s attention. He emphasized the government’s commitment to tackling illegal land acquisition.

The protest highlights the ongoing tension between residents and the government in Asaba concerning land ownership. It remains to be seen how the governor will respond to the residents’ pleas and how the situation will unfold.


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