Benue State Marks 800 Houses for Demolition to Prevent Flooding

The Benue State government in Nigeria has identified approximately 800 houses built on waterways that will be demolished to mitigate flooding as the rainy season approaches. This decision comes as part of a larger effort to enforce urban planning regulations and revitalize the state capital, Makurdi.

Mede Ternongo, General Manager of the Benue State Urban Development Board (BSUDB), announced the demolitions to reporters on Thursday. The BSUDB has already begun clearing unauthorized structures within Makurdi, with over 40 shanties and buildings removed on Wednesday.

Ternongo explained that demolishing houses built on waterways is crucial to prevent flooding during the rainy season. He emphasized the government’s commitment to urban renewal and restoring Makurdi to its intended layout.

The Governor has provided the BSUDB with the necessary resources to carry out the demolitions, including bulldozers and operational vehicles. Ternongo also mentioned plans to construct a designated area for mobile phone traders who may be displaced by the demolitions.

This initiative by the Benue State government has sparked mixed reactions. While some residents acknowledge the need to control flooding, others express concern about the potential displacement of homeowners. The demolitions are likely to be a contentious issue in the coming weeks.


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