Calls Rise for Rent Regulation in Nigeria’s Capital, Abuja

Residents of Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT), are once again calling on the government to intervene in the surging cost of renting a home. The high rents have caused significant strain, with many residents struggling to keep up with the rising costs.

Advocates for rent control point to the “arbitrary hike” in rents, sometimes exceeding 50% according to some reports [similar article on house rents in FCT]. This financial burden disproportionately impacts those on fixed incomes and makes finding affordable housing a challenge.

There have been attempts to address the issue. In 2022, a Senate bill proposed regulating the advance payment of rent, limiting it to three months with subsequent monthly payments [bill to stop yearly house rent in Abuja]. This aimed to ease the immediate financial burden on tenants. However, calls persist for a broader approach to regulating rental costs in the FCT.

For many, the root cause lies in the lack of affordable housing options. The current mortgage system is seen as unrealistic for many potential buyers, leaving them at the mercy of the rental market [It’s time to control house rents in FCT].

The debate over rent control is likely to continue. While some argue it discourages investment in rental properties, others see it as a necessary measure to protect residents from exploitation and ensure access to safe and affordable housing.


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