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Data Collection Officer

Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Salary: N960,000/yr

Posted at: Feb 12, 2022


Key Responsibilities

  • Conduct research and collect information by assigned methods
  • Appropriate document and report results
  • Complete research/survey/assessment in specific area
  • Review assigned fields and prepare an efficient route
  • Travel to designated area and conduct interviews
  • Assist participants by reading forms and answering questions.
  • Gather and accurately record responses on questionnaires provided by the Program team.
  • Ensure that questionnaires have been thoroughly checked and completed.
  • Submit completed questionnaires and other equipment used in fieldwork to the research supervisor and will, if required to do so, compile his/her findings in a format required by the program
  • As part of each assignment, participate in briefings; carry out data collection, data entry and/or reporting.
  • Recognize and give account of problems in obtaining data and provide useful feedback from field research activities
  • Work according to the program needs and on a project by project basis.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Degree or its equivalent
  • Experience in data collection, administering questionnaires and conducting interviews, data collection and data entry
  • Willingness to learn and explore new experiences
  • Fluency in speaking and understanding English and Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba.


  • Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong sense of and respect for confidentiality.

Added Advantage:

  • Language Skills: (Native/Fluent/Basic)
  • English Language (Fluent)
  • Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba (an added advantage)

Profile of Behavior:

  • Honesty: Shows a high level of integrity and will not fabricate responses or misrepresent the program
  • Communication: Confidently expresses self, able to clearly ask questions and help the respondent understand what is needed from her/him.
  • Relationship Builder: Able to build trust with people at the rural level and maintain confidentiality.
  • Cultural Awareness: Must be aware of and sensitive to the cultural expectations of communities in Nigeria.
  • Accuracy: Must be able to interpret and record responses appropriately without distorting the respondent is meaning or confusing the reader.
  • Endurance: Must be able to work for a full day working hours in the field across a number of days.