Chinese Megacities Go All-In, Lifting Home Purchase Restrictions

Hangzhou and Xi’an Aim to Revive Stalling Property Markets

In a bid to jumpstart sluggish housing markets, two major Chinese cities, Hangzhou and Xi’an, have taken a dramatic step: eliminating all restrictions on home purchases. Announced on May 9th, the move scraps previous requirements designed to cool speculation and limit purchases to local residents. This aggressive strategy raises questions about its effectiveness and whether other cities will follow suit.

Desperate Measures for a Cooling Market

China’s real estate sector, a key driver of economic growth, has faced headwinds since 2020. Property prices have stagnated, and a surplus of unsold homes looms. Hangzhou, a tech hub known as China’s “Silicon Valley,” and Xi’an, a historic city, are the latest to attempt a turnaround.

Open Door Policy: A Risky Gamble?

By lifting restrictions, city officials hope to attract new buyers and boost market confidence. However, analysts remain cautious. A glut of existing housing stock could dampen price increases, and some fear a return of speculative buying. The success of this strategy hinges on whether it stimulates genuine demand or inflates a bubble.

Will Others Follow?

The move by Hangzhou and Xi’an is the most drastic yet, with other major cities like Beijing and Shanghai opting for more moderate loosening of restrictions. It’s unclear if they will follow this all-in approach. The coming months will reveal whether this strategy breathes life back into China’s property market or creates unintended consequences.


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