Frustrated Fujikawaguchiko Blocks Beloved Mount Fuji View to Discourage Tourist Misbehavior

In an effort to curb unruly tourist behavior, the town of Fujikawaguchiko, Japan, has taken the drastic step of blocking a popular viewing point for the iconic Mount Fuji. The move comes after years of complaints from residents about littering, trespassing, and dangerous traffic disruptions caused by tourists vying for the perfect photo.

The specific location in question offered a view of Mount Fuji framed above a Lawson convenience store. This unique perspective became a social media darling, attracting large crowds who often disregarded pedestrian walkways and local traffic regulations in their pursuit of the coveted image.

Local businesses, including those not directly connected to tourism, reported issues with tourist behavior. The Ibishi Dental Clinic, located near the viewpoint, documented instances of harassment directed at their staff and patients.

Faced with mounting frustration, Fujikawaguchiko opted for a controversial solution: a large black mesh barrier now blocks the prized view. This 20-meter long and 2.5-meter high barrier serves as a clear deterrent to tourists hoping to replicate the viral photo.

“It is regrettable that we had to take such measures,” a local official acknowledged. The situation highlights the growing challenges faced by tourist destinations struggling to balance economic benefits with the preservation of public order and the well-being of residents.

While some see the barrier as an extreme measure, others express hope that it will discourage dangerous behavior and encourage a more respectful form of tourism.


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