HGTV’s “Flip It to Win It” Star Flips Out: Sentenced to Prison and Millions in Repayment for Real Estate Fraud

Charles “Todd” Hill, a former star of the HGTV show “Flip It to Win It,” has been sentenced to four years in prison and ordered to repay nearly $10 million to his victims. Hill was convicted last year on multiple counts of real estate and financial fraud.

“Flip It to Win It” showcased Hill and his team transforming distressed properties into profitable flips. However, the reality behind the scenes was far less glamorous. Prosecutors revealed a scheme where Hill diverted construction funds for personal use and ran a Ponzi scheme, using investor money for his lavish lifestyle instead of buying properties. He also employed fraudulent information and fake documents to secure loans.

Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen commented, “Some see the huge amount of money in Silicon Valley real estate as a business opportunity, but Mr. Hill saw it as a chance to enrich himself through fraud.”

Hill’s case highlights the dark side of the seemingly picture-perfect world of house flipping shows. While these programs entertain with quick renovations and impressive profits, they often fail to capture the complexities and potential pitfalls of the real estate market.

This sentencing serves as a cautionary tale for viewers and aspiring house flippers alike. It emphasizes the importance of due diligence, ethical business practices, and seeking professional guidance when navigating the intricacies of real estate transactions.


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