Ilaje Development Group Backs Landmark Lagos-Calabar Highway Project

Ilaje Development Group Endorses Landmark Lagos-Calabar Highway Project

The Ilaje Development Summit Group (IDSG) has voiced its strong support for the Nigerian government’s ambitious Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project. This major infrastructure initiative, championed by the Federal Executive Council, is anticipated to significantly benefit development along the Ilaje coastline in Ondo State. The IDSG views the project as aligning perfectly with its core objectives of fostering inclusive growth, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion within the Ilaje region.

Ola Judah, Deputy Executive Administrator of the IDSG, expressed enthusiastic backing for the government’s vision. This 700-kilometer superhighway will connect Lagos and Calabar, establishing a vital transportation artery along Nigeria’s southern coast. The IDSG believes the project’s advantages will extend far beyond improved logistics. By linking these major cities, the highway is expected to unlock economic potential, promote social integration, and propel sustainable development throughout the Ilaje region.

The Lagos-Calabar highway represents a significant milestone for Nigeria’s infrastructure landscape. The IDSG’s endorsement underscores the anticipated positive impact this project will have on the nation’s southern communities.


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