Lagos Community Bridge Collapse Isolates Residents, Cripples Businesses

Torrential downpour on May 6, 2024, caused severe flooding in Lagos, leading to the collapse of the Amje Estaport Community Bridge in the Agbado/Oke-Odo area. This critical infrastructure served as the sole link for approximately 20 communities to access the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway.

Residents are now facing significant challenges. The collapsed bridge has left them stranded, forcing them to seek alternative routes that are often lengthy and inconvenient, especially during the current fuel subsidy crisis. The situation is further compounded by the fear of further damage with any upcoming rain.

“The collapsed bridge has grounded businesses,” said Mr. Adeola Oredola, Secretary of the Community Development Association. “People cannot even move out of the community. The alternative routes are not favorable, and a temporary solution like a plank bridge wouldn’t be strong enough to withstand another downpour.”

The collapse of the bridge has also severely impacted the local economy. Businesses within the community are struggling as residents are unable to easily access their shops. Car owners are stuck within the community, and those who work outside the area are facing difficulties commuting to their workplaces.

Local leaders have expressed concern about the urgency of repairs. Pastor Samson Akinde, Chairman of the Amje Estaport CDA, highlighted that the bridge had shown signs of weakness before the flood. A swift and permanent solution is crucial to prevent further isolation and economic hardship for the affected communities.


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