Lagos Governor Cracks Down on Buildings Blocking Rights of Way

Lagos residents are being warned that no structures impeding the flow of traffic or drainage will be spared in an ongoing city-wide cleanup effort. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu made the announcement during a televised address, emphasizing the importance of clear passageways for public safety and flood prevention.

The Governor assured Lagosians that the initiative aims to protect the city, which due to its low-lying position, is particularly susceptible to flooding. He clarified that the demolitions will target only buildings violating right-of-way laws, not those in proper standing. Even structures built by Lagos government employees won’t be exempt.

Sanwo-Olu highlighted the importance of the cleanup, citing recent efforts in Obalende and Ijora. These initiatives not only improved traffic flow but also addressed security concerns by clearing hidden spaces under bridges and railways that had become havens for criminal activity.

The Governor’s firm stance has sparked mixed reactions. Some Lagosians welcome the initiative, recognizing the need for improved infrastructure and flood control. Others express concern about potential displacement and the legality of the demolitions.

It is likely that the Lagos State government will face legal challenges from those affected by the cleanup. How the situation unfolds will be closely watched by residents hoping for a safer, more functional city.


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