Lagos in Demolition Debate: Candidate Questions Razing, State Cites Safety Concerns

Lagos residents are divided over a recent demolition of buildings in the Mende neighborhood, with the 2023 Labour Party gubernatorial candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, criticizing the government’s approach.

This comes amidst a wider announcement by the Lagos State Building Control Agency. They plan to demolish 359 buildings deemed unsafe and lacking proper permits. The agency argues these demolitions are necessary to uphold building regulations and ensure public safety.

Following the Mende demolition, Mr. Rhodes-Vivour visited the site and took to social media to express his disapproval. He claims the affected buildings were not in violation, sparking a debate about the fairness of the demolitions.

The Lagos State Government maintains they followed proper procedure. They notified owners and published notices in national newspapers before the demolition. They reason that these measures, alongside a 90-day amnesty period to rectify issues with non-compliant buildings, demonstrate a commitment to transparency and due process.

The demolitions raise concerns about the displacement of residents and highlight the challenges of balancing safety concerns with the well-being of citizens. It’s a debate likely to continue as the Lagos State Building Control Agency proceeds with its plans.


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