Lagos Mulls Making Illegal Builders Foot Demolition Bill

The Lagos State Government is considering a policy that would require property owners who built illegally to cover the cost of demolishing those structures, according to the Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab.

This proposal comes after the recent demolition of buildings in the Mende Estate, Kosofe Local Government Area, which sparked public outcry. Residents argued they were not given proper notice before the demolition.

Commissioner Wahab responded to these concerns on social media, explaining that the demolished structures were built on a drainage channel crucial for preventing floods. He also hinted at the new policy: “At some point, we’ll get to that [holding builders accountable for demolition costs],” he said on his social media channel.

The legality and feasibility of this policy remain unclear. However, it suggests a tougher stance from the Lagos government on illegal construction, which is often blamed for flooding and other infrastructural problems in the megacity.


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