Lagos Seeks Public Input on Badagry’s Future: Master Plan Unveiled for Review

The Lagos State Government (LASG) is inviting residents to participate in shaping the future of Badagry. A draft report outlining the “Badagry Master Plan (2022-2042)” has been unveiled for public scrutiny, with a month-long review period set to begin on June 19th, 2024.

This initiative follows the completion of the plan by Vista Plan Consulting. The LASG, committed to an inclusive development process, is seeking feedback from residents and stakeholders within the Badagry area. The month-long review period, ending on July 26th, will allow the public to examine the proposals and provide comments to ensure the final plan reflects the community’s needs.

Public review will be facilitated through designated centers spread across Badagry. This ensures easy access for residents to participate and contribute their ideas. The aim is to create a comprehensive and well-rounded plan that guides Badagry’s development for the next two decades.

This public engagement aligns with the LASG’s focus on participatory urban planning, as emphasized by the Permanent Secretary, Office of Physical Planning, Mr. Oluwole Sotire. He highlighted the importance of public input in creating “an inclusive plan that would reflect the needs of the community.”

The Badagry Master Plan is expected to address various aspects of Badagry’s development, including infrastructure, housing, economy, and social amenities. By incorporating public feedback, the LASG hopes to create a roadmap that fosters sustainable and inclusive growth for the region over the next two decades.


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