Lagos to Relocate Residents of 900 Housing Units in Adeniji Adele Due to Safety Concerns

The Lagos State Government has announced a plan to relocate residents of 900 housing units in Adeniji Adele, citing safety concerns as the area is situated on land susceptible to flooding.

Dr. Olajide Babatunde, the Special Adviser to the Governor on e-GIS and Urban Development, revealed this plan during a press briefing. He explained that the relocation would be carried out in phases to ensure a smooth transition for residents.

“The occupants of the housing units will be relocated in batches,” Dr. Babatunde said. “The state has already begun this process by providing temporary accommodation for some of the residents whose buildings have been affected by the waterlogged conditions.”

The government intends to develop the area in stages. First, they will build new housing units on higher ground to accommodate 98 residents currently living in condemned structures. Once vacated, those original buildings will be demolished, and the land will be raised to create space for even more housing units. This process will continue until all 900 residents are safely rehoused.

Dr. Babatunde acknowledged the ambitious nature of the project, stating, “There are about 900 units of houses, and we may not be able to finish them all under this administration. However, we have a plan in place, and we will do everything we can to relocate as many residents as possible. We expect that future administrations will continue this effort until the project is complete.”

The Lagos State Government is prioritizing the safety of its residents and undertaking this large-scale relocation project to address the risks posed by the unsuitable location of the Adeniji Adele housing units.


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