Los Angeles Nightmare: Tenant Turns Million-Dollar Home into Illegal Airbnb

A Los Angeles homeowner is facing a frustrating situation after her tenant allegedly turned her $1.7 million property into an illegal Airbnb operation, according to a report in the LA Times.

Nikeeta Sriram, 31, purchased the home in March 2022. It comprised a main house with three bedrooms and a separate one-bedroom guesthouse with a loft. Sriram was unable to move in immediately due to her existing lease and decided to rent the property out. The tenant, 36-year-old musician Nicholas Jarzabek, seemed ideal at first. He paid rent on time, didn’t cause any issues, and even avoided making repair requests.

By December 2023, Sriram discovered her home listed on Airbnb, a clear violation of the lease agreement. The situation escalated when the ADT security system began triggering repeatedly. ADT informed Sriram that Airbnb guests were setting off the alarms.

When confronted, Jarzabek reportedly denied subletting the property. Sriram, however, found concrete evidence – listings for her home on Airbnb. The Times reports that the illegal Airbnb operation generated a staggering $215,950, translating to roughly $13,500 per month.

Sriram is currently pursuing legal action against Jarzabek, whose whereabouts remain unknown after reportedly leaving the country. This incident highlights the growing concerns surrounding illegal short-term rentals in Los Angeles. These rentals can disrupt neighborhoods, strain resources, and bypass regulations meant to protect tenants and property owners.


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