Million-Dollar Hurricane Haven: Florida Community Boasts Off-Grid Living and Storm-Ready Homes

Nestled in Cortez, Florida, a visionary community is offering a glimpse into a disaster-resistant future. Hunters Point, developed by Pearl Homes, boasts 86 net-zero homes designed to withstand the harshest elements while providing residents with a life free from utility bills.

These aren’t your average storm shelters. The homes, starting at a cool $1.4 million, are built with the express purpose of enduring hurricanes. Features like ground-floor flood vents and full-home metal strapping – essentially a metal skeleton that holds the entire structure together – are testaments to this commitment. And their resilience has already been battle-tested.

“We built these homes to be able to deal with the climate crisis,” says developer Marshall Gobuty. And deal they have. Since residents first moved in back in 2022, Hunters Point has weathered not one, but two hurricanes, emerging unscathed. This success story even convinced builders insurance carriers to reconsider their initial hesitation, highlighting the effectiveness of the construction methods.

But the benefits go beyond hurricane protection. The net-zero designation signifies that the homes produce as much clean energy as they consume. Solar panels and other sustainable features keep the lights on and the appliances humming, all without relying on the traditional grid. This translates to significant cost savings for residents – no more monthly electric bills.

Hunters Point offers a compelling vision for the future. While the million-dollar price tag might be a barrier for many, it showcases the potential of disaster-proof construction and self-sufficient living. As extreme weather events become more frequent, communities like Hunters Point could pave the way for a more resilient and sustainable way of life.


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