Neom Plans for World’s Longest Infinity Pool, Dwarfing Dubai’s Offering

Move over, Dubai! Saudi Arabia’s futuristic megacity project, Neom, has set its sights on a record-breaking attraction: the world’s longest infinity pool.

Clocking in at a staggering 1,500 feet, the proposed pool in Neom’s Treyam region would be nearly four times the length of Dubai’s current champion – a 393-foot-long pool suspended between skyscrapers.

Imagine swimming amidst breathtaking views 220 feet above the Red Sea. That’s the experience Neom is promising with this ambitious project. They describe the design as a blend of modern aesthetics and minimal environmental impact, offering guests an unparalleled way to relax and unwind.

This announcement comes as Neom continues to unveil plans for its various regions. Treyam, designed to be a premier resort destination, will also offer activities like sailing, diving, and other water sports.

If  built, it would be a game-changer in the world of infinity pools, upping the luxury factor and offering swimmers truly unique aquatic experiences.


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