Neom: Saudi Arabia’s Futuristic City Shows No Signs of Stopping

Despite a slowdown in the overall Saudi economy, construction on Neom, the crown jewel of the kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan, continues to ramp up. Recent reports indicate the project is not only on track but accelerating in some areas.

Neom, a planned megacity in northwestern Saudi Arabia, boasts a staggering price tag of $1.5 trillion. This ambitious project envisions a futuristic metropolis built from the ground up, incorporating cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices.

While some analysts expressed concerns about the project’s feasibility due to the recent dip in oil prices, Saudi Arabia seems determined to press forward. A recent video released by Neom showcases the progress made on the ground. The video highlights a workforce exceeding 140,000, double the size from last year, working on key zones like The Line, Oxagon, Sindalah, and Trojena.

The Line, a car-free linear city within Neom, has been a focal point. Promotional materials depict a vertical metropolis clad in mirrored glass, seamlessly integrated with nature. Officials say significant construction work is already underway for the first phase.

Beyond The Line, other aspects of Neom are also progressing. Oxagon, envisioned as a reimagined industrial city, is taking shape. Trojena, a mountain resort destination, and Sindalah, a luxury island development, are likewise moving forward.

A new addition to the Neom roster is Zardun, an exclusive sanctuary resort. This development emphasizes eco-tourism, promising a blend of luxury accommodations with a commitment to environmental preservation. Plans include the creation of oases and the restoration of native plant and animal life.

Neom’s continued development reflects Saudi Arabia’s ambition to diversify its economy and establish itself as a leader in innovation. Whether this ambitious project will achieve its lofty goals remains to be seen, but for now, there are no signs of slowing down.


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