New Estate Agency Shakes Up Market with “Free to Sell” Model

A new estate agency, Property Sense, is throwing a wrench into the traditional home selling process with its “free to sell” approach. Unlike established players who charge commission fees, Property Sense allows homeowners to list their properties without any upfront costs.

This novel strategy is part of Property Sense’s ambitious five-year plan to become a major market force. They aim to attract sellers with a transparent and potentially cost-saving alternative. But how exactly will they make money if they aren’t charging commission?

Property Sense hints at alternative revenue streams. They’ve mentioned offering financial incentives to sellers and potentially even covering property maintenance and repairs. This could be a way to attract clients seeking a more comprehensive service.

Whether Property Sense’s model disrupts the industry as they hope remains to be seen. As their free-to-sell approach is sure to grab the attention of homeowners looking to shake up the often-frustrating process of selling a house.


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