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With the 2023 Nigerian National Elections looming, it is essential that the people of Nigeria choose a leader who is willing to tackle the issue of affordable home rental. This can be done by implementing policies that make it easier to acquire land, incentivizing investment in real estate, increasing access to public housing, and promoting rent-to-own policies. The government should provide incentives to private sector actors to build more affordable housing, such as tax credits and loan guarantees. These measures will help to ensure that more Nigerians have access to affordable housing, helping to improve their quality of life and the country’s overall economic growth.          


PaytoLet was founded in 2022 with the mission of creating a transparent and innovative home search experience for today’s renters. Despite numerous obstacles, we’ve managed to exceed expectations in our first year — launching new features such as Search and Filter options, real-time offers, and even more personalized searches tailored to individual needs. We’re proud of all that we have accomplished thus far, and look forward to continuing to support renters around the world.                 

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How We Used Our Core Values to Conquer Challenges in the Market           

Our core values of transparency, innovation, and empathy have been invaluable in helping us navigate the challenges of home search. We take real pride in being a reliable source for renters, specifically global customers unfamiliar with local housing markets and regulations. Thanks to our innovative approach and customer-centric mentality, we’ve made waves by delivering unprecedented access to rental information and resources.                 


The Impact of Collaboration & Networking                 

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Collaboration and networking have played a key role in our success. From industry partners to all of the inspiring people we meet along the way, these relationships are essential to our growth and dynamic approach to real estate home search. We are humbled by what our network has enabled us to achieve, while striving towards excellence as we look forward. We cannot thank everyone enough for their enthusiasm and encouragement!                 


Leveraging New Technology for Enhanced User Experiences                 

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Our mission is to empower users with technology, providing them with an efficient and easy-to-use platform for real estate home search that gives accurate results. To this end, we have worked hard to incorporate groundbreaking technologies such as sustainable, powerful search engine into our system to ensure a seamless user experience.           

As you consider which leader to vote for in Nigeria National Elections 2023, it is important to understand the current state of Nigeria’s rental market among other situation going on in the country. The country currently has a shortage of affordable housing, with 69.7 million people living in informal settlements due to the high cost of formal rental properties. Recent surveys have found that 72% of rental households have difficulty meeting their monthly housing costs due to rising rents and stagnant wages. To ensure that renting property in Nigeria becomes more accessible and affordable, voters must choose a leader who will address these issues in their policy platform.       


According to PaytoLet’s in-house data, the most searched query is “ How often can a landlord increase rent in Lagos state ”, and this should be a concern to those who are looking to rent in this area. So therefore! k nowing your candidates is the key to making an informed decision in the 2023 elections.        

  • Do they have plans to reform housing finance regulations?        
  • What do they propose to address poverty, inequality, and access to affordable housing?       
  • Will they commit to protected tenant rights and enforcement of those rights in order to secure fair contracts between landlords and renters?        


These are part of the questions you need to give answer to before you cast your vote for a leader who will make home rental more accessible and affordable for everyone in Nigeria.       

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Yes, we all know that house rent increment is a global issue but m any Nigerians are unable to afford the skyrocketing costs of home rental and for us to  ensure a secure and stable rental market, political candidates should look into changing rental regulations that support both tenants and landlords by introducing controls like rent caps. Rent caps can help keep home rental costs low and more affordable for tenants. Political candidates should consider implementing legislation that could limit how much landlords can raise rent each year, ensuring reliable, long-term housing stability for millions of citizens in Nigeria.      


To promote long-term housing stability for Nigerians, it is important to set up affordable home ownership programs. This could be done through incentivizing new construction projects with reduced interest rates, creating first-time home buyer savings accounts, and providing incentives to developers who are willing to build more low-income housing and supplementary housing. Throughout the 2023 election season, it's essential that voters! look at how each political candidate plans on addressing the issue of home rental costs in order to provide a stable foundation for renters in Nigeria.     


We would love to hear your opinions and feedback in the comments section below. Please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with us. We value your input and feedback.   




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