Real estate refers to property that has been bought and sold for profit. It includes houses, apartments, shopping centers, office buildings, and other structures. 

Commercial Property 


A commercial property is any building used for business purposes. This includes retail stores, offices, warehouses, restaurants, banks, schools, and hospitals. 

Residential Property 


A residential property is any building used as a home. It can be an apartment complex, townhouse, condo, house, or other type of residence. 

Industrial Property 


An industrial property is any building that is not a residential property. Examples of industrial properties include factories, warehouses, offices, and retail stores. 



A commercial property is any building that has multiple tenants. It includes office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses. 



A single family home is where one family lives. This includes houses, condos, townhouses, and apartments. 

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What real estate expects

What real estate expects

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