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Adeniyi Adeoye's breaking boundaries  in real estate with The Drake homes

Adeniyi Adeoye Is one of Nigeria’s bravest entrepreneurs and Luxury Real Estate mogul.  The hands-on entrepreneur known for strategic and focused approach with extensive accolades for limiting risk, is the MD/CEO of The Drake Woodworks Limited/The Drake Homes Limited, located in Lagos, where he is marching his company to global prominence.

Adeniyi Adeoye has carved an enviable niche as one of Nigeria’s young entrepreneurs giving the older business generals a good run for their money.

Unassuming and easy-going, with impressive credentials in the real estate industry. The business man who returned home after several years of active practice in the United States of America (USA), turned his company to one of the biggest players in of the  most demanding sectors of the Nigerian economy, ranging from the lucrative Real Estate to Construction, Property Development, Oil and Gas and many others.

Speaking on the growth of The Drakes Home since 2018, Adeniyi has this to say;

We are established on the core values of honesty and integrity spiced with an uncompromising stand on professionalism, we’ve built a strong reputation as one of the most trusted and most sought-after real estate companies in the country.

It’s no coincidence that we’ve won the admiration of top industry professionals and investors alike. We have built a reputation for performance in the construction and property development sectors in Lagos and beyond, handling major projects, both for government and private sector contracts across the country without any hitches.

At The Drake Homes, we understand the power of collaboration and strategic partnership. We have a working relationship with top real estate companies within and outside the shores of the country.”

Speaking further on how the company was able to quickly rise and compete with other brands; he says; “Our transparency policy is one of the reasons why we’ve been able to climb the property ladder as one of the most trusted real estate companies in Nigeria.

Apart from being contracted by high-profile companies and individuals to handle their major property projects. The Drake Homes Limited has a long list of luxury real estate projects located in strategic locations across the country.


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