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Sharon Mason


An award-winning realtor, former South Deltan and mom to actor Jason Priestley, has launched her first book that already has made Amazon’s best-seller list.

Sharon Mason lived in South Delta for 23 years and that’s also where Priestley went to school.

For the Love of Real Estate - Tales From the Trenches which launched March 21, debunks myths about being a realtor and also highlights some memorable stories from her years in the industry, especially now in the hot real estate market.

In addition, the book also offers inspiration found in her perseverance.


She began her career in real estate a single mother in her 40s when Priestley and his sister were teens. She was pushing boundaries and taking risks for her family in this high stakes industry.

Priestley talks about this in his foreword as well.

Mason also talks how she would have Jason and his sister prep marketing flyers for her in the early days when she was starting out.

Now a multi-award winning realtor, she has written this book to help those interested in getting into the business, relate to those who have experience with buying or selling properties through a realtor, and also leave a legacy story behind for her grandchildren.

“I sincerely hope this is a fun and interesting read for all,” said Mason. “At first glance, it’s a resource of industry information and career inspiration, but I also hope that by sharing some of my most valuable life lessons, it becomes relatable on many other levels.

“This book is a part of my legacy, and I am grateful to have this unique opportunity to share my story with my readers, community and family.”

Priestley credits her rise to the top of her game to hard work, grit and determination, but her honesty, dependability, care and compassion for people keep her there.

For the Love of Real Estate is about buying and selling real estate, but it is also an autobiography and a self-help book of sorts,” added Priestley, who wrote the foreword for the book. “For my mother, selling real estate is more than just the transaction of selling or buying a home; she believes that real estate is about personal relationships and cultivating those relationships for a long time.”

Real estate is a Mason family legacy. Her father was involved in bringing the Real Estate Act to British Columbia in the 1950s, now known as the Real Estate Trading Services Act. He also opened the first real estate office in a shopping mall in Canada and was in the first graduating class of UBC’s Real Estate Institute.

For the Love of Real Estate – Tales from the Trenches, is available through and

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