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A £1,000 per month in London is considered affordable by many people. But if you're looking for something bigger, then you might need to look further afield. We've got all the information you need on finding the right property for your needs.

Start by looking at the local area.

If you're looking for somewhere big enough to accommodate your growing team, then you should start by looking at the local areas. You'll find that some areas will offer more space than others, so make sure you take into account what's available locally before you move too far away.

Look at the demographics.

Once you've found an area that suits your needs, you need to think about the demographics. This means taking a look at the population size and age structure. Are there lots of young families with children? Or are there plenty of older people who might not be able to afford a house? These things will help you decide whether or not you'd prefer to live in a place where there are lots of kids or one where there are fewer.

Check out the schools.

If you're looking for a location that's close to good transport links, then check out the local schools. You should also consider the cost of living. Is it expensive? If so, you might want to find somewhere else. On the other hand, if you can afford to pay more, then you might be better off finding somewhere cheaper.

Think about the transport links.

Transport links are important when choosing a place to set up a business. It's not only about getting to work quickly, but also about being able to access services such as banks, shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Do some research online.

You should start by looking at properties that are close to transport hubs. This will help you save money on travel costs. If you're planning to run a restaurant, then you might want to consider an area with lots of footfall or even Paytolet search engine "Perfect Property to let for Business in London" and see what pops up.

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