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mothering sunday - March 19

Buying a house for your mother is a meaningful, emotional way to honor her and make sure she has a safe, comfortable place to live. Taking into account her needs and budget, explore different financing options and learn about bargains that will stretch your money further. Let's get started!


Properties For Sale

Below is a list of properties that are currently up for sale


Research the Market and Identify Your Options. 


The first step in setting up financing and finding the best deals is to understand what’s available in the market. Research various types of financing, including traditional loans and reverse mortgages, review the terms and conditions, and compare the interest rates. You should also determine if any government programs or grants can help with payments. Take your time to identify a range of options that help you meet your mom's needs while fitting within her budget.


Estimate Home Costs and Secure Financing. 

After you have an idea of the financing options available, estimate the total costs associated with buying a home for your mom. It's important to consider all of the costs associated, like closing fees and repairs, as well as determining how much you can pay on a monthly basis or upfront. Once you know the total cost and have identified potential financing options, generate quotes from lenders to compare interest rates and terms/conditions to secure the best loan for your needs.


Look for Deals & Negotiate Terms of Sale. 


After getting a loan to purchase the home for your mom, you'll want to look for deals and negotiate the terms of sale. Ask the seller to cover closing costs or agree to a lower price, and make sure that any repairs needed are taken care of ahead of time so you don't have to pay out-of-pocket. Negotiate all terms in writing before committing to anything, and look into tax incentives or other discounts that may be available depending on the location of the property.


Secure Home Insurance and Other Necessary Documents. 


Before the final purchase, make sure all necessary documents are in place. This includes home insurance for the building and all contents, as well as obtaining title papers and any local permits required. Make sure to talk to an expert about any other legal documents that may need to be addressed, such as a deed of trust or an occupancy permit. Also, take the time to research the local regulations and laws surrounding property taxes; ensure that you have enough set aside in your budget to cover these costs over the years. With all of the pieces in place the home is ready for you and your mom!


Complete the Purchase and Enjoy Your New House!


With all of the documents in place, it’s now time to complete the purchase. This usually involves signing a notarized deed and executing an agreement between the buyer and seller. Depending on where you live, the purchase might be done by an independent escrow company or by a lawyer. Once complete, you can start enjoying your new house with your mom!

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