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women's day - March 08

International Women's Day
Celebrate International Women's Day by recognizing the amazing women in real estate who make a difference in our communities every day! #EachforEqual #IWD2023


Today is International Women's Day, a day to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women around the world. Today is also an opportunity to call for greater gender equality and to challenge gender bias and inequality. Women are playing an increasingly important role in the real estate market. From driving higher home values to initiating creative solutions for affordable housing, women are making a positive impact on real estate across the country. Learn more about the influence of women in real estate today! 


Women Are Driving Home Values Higher 

Women have become powerful forces in driving home values higher, as research has shown that properties listed for sale by a female real estate agent sell at a significantly higher rate than those sold by men. Studies also show that women are more likely to invest in renovations prior to selling their homes, which increases the overall value of the house. Women’s knowledge and understanding of the housing market make them invaluable players in increasing home values and improving real estate markets around the country. 


Women’s Stronger Credit Histories Drive Lower Loans Rates  

Women often have stronger credit histories than men in the United States, and as a result, secure better loan rates when they purchase property. These lower prices can help reduce home prices and could even encourage more younger women to pursue home ownership instead of renting. Lower loan rates also make it easier for female entrepreneurs to get started in the real estate industry, leading to new opportunities for growth and innovation in the sector. 


Women Make More Strategic and Informed Purchases  

Women are known for taking a more intentional and strategic approach to buying homes. They are often more thorough in the research phase, exploring all the neighborhood amenities, looking into future development trends, and inquiring about home owner’s associations before making a purchase decision. This informs their ability to make smart investments when they decide to buy property, which can result in higher returns on an investment over time. 


The role of women in the real estate market has been instrumental in the emergence of micro-housing and single-family rentals. With an eye for creatively utilizing space and providing affordable housing solutions, women are driving these concepts to help address the growing needs of tenants and their budgets. Micro-housing is seen as a great option for those who need a place to live but don’t want to sacrifice on amenities and location. Single-family rentals provide renters with all the comfort and convenience of owning a traditional home without having to take on mortgages or maintenance costs. Both options allow more people access to safe, secure housing that fits their budget constraints. 


Women in the real estate sector are utilizing technology to provide valuable insights into the strategies that can be used to find the best deals in apartments, condos, and single-family homes. Through technology such as big data analytics and trend analysis, they are able to identify emerging trends and dynamics at both the regional and local levels that buyers may not have knowledge of. By leveraging this information, women can help buyers get better deals on properties while also providing valuable advice on what areas are most desirable for investment for greater returns later down the road. 




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