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Are you looking to increase your brand visibility and get more exposure for your business? Look no further - our guest posting program is the perfect way to do just that. Apply now and let us help you spread the word about your company!     

What is Guest Posting?     

Guest posting is a great way to increase your brand visibility and drive more people to your website. It involves writing quality blog posts that get published on other websites so that you can attract attention, backlinks, and traffic. Guest publishing is an effective SEO technique as it drives more organic search results while helping you build strong relationships with bloggers and influencers in your niche. Guest blogging allows you to share high-quality content and tap into a larger audience than your own platform.     

Benefits of Guest Posting.     

There are many benefits to guest posting, such as increased brand awareness, more website traffic and higher search engine rankings. By writing articles that are published on popular websites in your niche, you get to promote your business in front of a larger audience. Additionally, guest posts provide you with backlinks from other sites, which can help improve your website’s search engine ranking. Guest posting allows you to collaborate and create relationships with other influencers and industry leaders who can help grow your business.     

Guest Posting On   

Let’s work together to get you the attention you deserve. Huge fans of our work will frequently contact us to express their interest in contributing guest posts to . Even though we are reluctant to do so, we have discovered the delight of assisting in promoting the business of those who adore our material and put their faith in our website. There is a good chance you are here because either you or your organization is one of those. We are happy to be of assistance! The resource that can be found on this page will walk you through the steps necessary to publish with us for a cost that we think to be extremely reasonable when compared to the value of exposure that a rapidly expanding website like ours can provide.   

We Place A High Priority On Compatibility   

Frequently, we require that the content you wish to promote be in line with our primary coverage areas. This is done to ensure that it benefits our readers from all over the world. 


Here are the top 5 countries our visitors came from...
1. Nigeria - 5,540+
2. Finland - 1,223+
3. Germany - 1,134+
4. United States - 285+
5. United Kingdom - 236+

How Can I Tell If The Content I’ve Created is Appropriate?    
You are in the right place if the information you provide will be useful to real estate agents, brokers, developers, people who are interested in home improvement, interior design, local market trends. and investors, as well as everyday people looking to purchase a home, rent, or to learn more about the real estate industry.   



Our parent firm, Skwnapp Creative Enterprises , owns the real estate search engine that goes by the domain name . Our company is completely authorized to conduct business. We take pride in the fact that we provide legal services. In the interest of full disclosure, the transaction will display our company’s name as “Skwnapp Creative.”   

When contacting us, indicate the category of articles you wish to post on our platform.   

Here are a few of our allowed categories:   

  • Home Buying Tips    
  • Home Selling Tips    
  • Home Improvement Ideas    
  • Interior Design Advice    
  • Real Estate Investment Strategies    
  • Home Staging Advice    
  • Mortgage and Financing Advice    
  • Property Management Tips    
  • Real Estate Law and Regulations    
  • Local Real Estate Market Trends    
  • Real Estate Technology and Automation    
  • Real Estate Marketing and Advertising Strategies    
  • Real Estate Networking and Promotion    
  • Real Estate Industry News and Updates.   


We are happy to offer a competitive rate for guest posts. For each accepted guest post, we offer a rate of $30 (13,815.60 Nigerian Naira) per post. This rate includes all editing, formatting, and publishing costs. 


Contact information

PaytoLet is an innovative real estate search engine that helps people find their perfect home. We believe that everyone should have access to affordable housing and the opportunity to find their dream home.

Address: 548 Market Street PMB 72296 San Francisco, CA 94104
Instagram: @paytolet


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