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A key tool for day traders is investing in a fast newsfeed like Benzinga Pro. Newsfeeds help traders with finding fast, real-time news to find volatility and trading opportunities. Benzinga Pro helps traders around the world get access to fast news, real-time alerts, and so much more. Benzinga Pro helps day traders with tools like: 

Real-Time Newsfeed 
Details tool 
Calendar Suite
Movers tool (Find big gainers and losers) 
Signals tool 
Screener (Beta) 
Audio Squawk 
Scanner (Beta)

Keep reading to learn more about how to use each tool in Benzinga Pro. 

1. Newsfeed

Image of the Benzinga Pro Newsfeed

The Newsfeed is the core of Benzinga Pro—and it’s fully customizable so you can tailor it to your trading strategy. You can also create multiple different Newsfeeds for different needs. 


You can filter the Newsfeed by the following sources 

Benzinga Signals (Automated alerts highlighting extreme price volatility and trading halts)
Benzinga Wire (Real-time actionable news) 
Jiji Press (From the Jiji Press Feed in English) 
Partner Links (Syndicated links from our partners) 
Press Releases 
SEC Filings 

You can also color-code sources to easily find them in your newsfeed


You can filter the newsfeed with 28 categories, including: 

Analyst Ratings 
Why Is It Moving?

You can also color-code categories for your newsfeed. 


You can choose from 11 sector categories to filter the newsfeed. You can further filter the newsfeed from industry groups within each sector. 

Sector categories include: 

Basic Materials 
Consumer Cyclical 
Financial Services 
Real Estate 
Consumer Defensive 
Communication Services 


You can also set up your Newsfeed to only show news related to your watchlists (more on the watchlist tool later!).  

Desktop Notifications

The Newsfeed tool also allows you to set up desktop notifications so you never miss out on the news—even if you are on a different tab in your browser. 

2. Details


The Details tool gives you everything you need to know about a specific ticker. In the Details tool, you can:

Notice of any conference calls and earnings announcements
Charts from TradingView
Financials and Key Data
Dedicated Newsfeed 

The Details tool is your one-stop to access the information you need to know about a specific ticker. 

3. Calendar

The Calendar tool is a way for you to quickly see different categories organized by date. Our most popular calendar is our Earnings Calendar, but you can also you Calendar categories including: 

Analyst Ratings 
Conference Calls 
Mergers & Acquisitions
Retail Sales 
SEC Filings 
Secondary Offerings 

You can filter the Calendar suite by the date range you want and can filter the results with your watchlists. 

As with many of the Benzinga Pro tools, you can always edit the columns and filters you see in the results. 

4. Watchlists

Image of a Benzinga Pro watchlist

Watchlists give you the power to keep your eyes on stocks you might be interested in, or have a position in. 

You can make as many Watchlists as you’d like in Benzinga Pro. Many Benzinga Pro users like to make a watchlist for different sectors or make a daily watchlist for their trades. You can rename each watchlist accordingly. In addition to creating watchlists, you can also: 

Configure the columns to choose which filters you want to see 
Set up alerts for those watchlists 
Download the watchlist to a CSV 

5. Movers

Movers is a popular tool for day traders because it helps you find opportunities with the biggest gainers and losers. 

You can filter the Movers tool by several filters, including: 

Gainers, losers, or both 
Session: PreMarket, Regular, or After Hours 
Period: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, session, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, year to date. Or, you can customize the time period. 
Market Cap (Choose from a sliding scale or customize) 
Price (Choose from a sliding scale or customize) 

You can also choose if you would like it to freeze the results or refresh every minute. Once you choose your filters, you can click the blue bar at the top to collapse the filters so you can see more results on your screen without scrolling. 

In addition, you can choose to customize the columns to see what filters you want to display. 

The Movers tool is perfect for anyone looking to find those big movers to capture opportunities and make a profit. 

6. Signals

Screenshot of Signals in Benzinga Pro

The Benzinga Pro Signals tool alerts you to price or volume related events. When a new Signal is added in real-time, it will appear in the Signals tool. 

Select what Signals you want to see include: 

Price Spike 
Options Activity ( Note: Options Activity is an additional fee) 
Block Trade 
Opening Gaps               
Session, Day and/or 52 Week Highs 
Session, Day, and/or 52 Week Lows 

Further, refine your Signals feed by choosing from the following filters: 

Shares Outstanding 
Share Float 
Price/Earnings Ratio 
Dividend Yield
Market Cap 
Price (Previous Close) 
Change % 
Average Volume (14 Day) 

Fully customize your notifications by choosing from desktop, sound, and/or synthesized voice notifications.  

7. Squawk

One of Benzinga Pro’s most popular features is our Squawk —and for good reason! Our audio Squawk runs from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time. The Benzinga Pro newsdesk team will read out key headlines and news that you should know out loud.

Whether you’re in a different browser tab, want to save screen space, or you just want to hear key news out loud, Squawk is a trader favorite. 

8. Chat

The Chat tool is the heart of the Benzinga Pro community. Our #general chat is your spot for all things trading. You can chat with other traders about news, reaction to the markets, trades you’ve made, and more. Our #politics chat is focused around political news and discussion. 

9. Screener


Benzinga Pro’s Screener tool allows you to screen for stocks using over 50 filters. You can sort by basic, fundamental and technical filters, or choose to view all filters and choose the ones that fit your trading strategy the best. 

Popular filters include: 

Simple Moving Averages 
Float and % Float
Relative Strength Index 
Average Volume 
And so many more. 

To further customize the Screener, you can sort the results by overview, valuation, trend-following, or last candle. Select the column tool on the right to add or remove any columns. 

Other features of the Benzinga Pro Screener include: 

Exporting to CSV
Sort candle interval by one minute, day or week 
Choose a refresh rate or keep the results static 

10. Scanner (Beta)

One of Benzinga Pro’s most requested tools, Scanner is the newest tool in the platform. Scanner helps you find stocks moving in real-time, and you can choose from presets based on winnings strategies, or choose your own filters to fit your unique strategy.

Presets Include:

Overall Gainers
5 Minute Movers
Mid-Cap Movers from Open
Real-Time After Hours Gainers
Large-Cap Gainers, Many Columns

Final Thoughts

When looking for a tool for day trading, it’s important to have something that fits all of your needs. Benzinga Pro offers plenty of tools and is highly customizable so you can tailor it to your own trading strategies needs.

To see how you can use Benzinga Pro for day trading, start your free, two-week trial   

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