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You don't work for, we work for you. Be part of the technological change in Real Estate!
The real estate industry is changing, and it is changing fast. From the way we find properties to the way we buy them, everything has changed. The digital era has made home buying easier than ever before.

New Career?

Do you want to start a new and successful career?

If you are young, interested in the sales sector and want a satisfactory income, then Real Estate and technology are the ideal choice for you.

Do you belong in Real estate?

If you are already in the field of Real Estate, it is time to evolve by having access to unique PaytoLet technological tool, Enhanced by Google. Don't limit your property promotion strategy to your social media. gives you a fast, integrated solution to help you reach more leads that convert through organic search. Be everywhere your client are searching online. Forget what you know about traditional Real Estate, at PaytoLet everything happens digitally, quickly and reliably.  Sell or Rent Property

3 Ways You Can Make Money with PaytoLet


Join as a Referral                 

Your journey begins here. You will invite five real estate agents or property managers to signup and start using PaytoLet. Upon completing this task, you can give a report and then get rewarded with a more free subscription! Economy - 100 Listings plan to post property on                  

  Give Report           


Join as Influencer                 

PaytoLet relies on people like you to share your thoughts about our products and services with your family and friends. Our Influencers get more subscriptions for free! Business - 250 Listings, Enterprise - 2,950 Listings, or cash for your review.                 

 Secure the Deal                 


Join as a Sales and Marketing Executive                 

The purpose of our Sales and Marketing Executive is to attract new leads to our business. But you're not just bringing in anyone. You can think about real estate agents and property managers who would benefit from our product and service. You shall refer leads that are a good fit for our brand. Onboard them to use the service and subscribe. These will earn you an instant %40 of that sale with a basic monthly salary of N100,000 when you meet your sales target of 50 subscribers/month. Your main target is to sell Subscription packages to the real estate agent to boost their property listings.                 

 Submit Application                 


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