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Although Nigeria’s housing market boom that started in 2019 was halted in its tracks by the global health crisis, experts have an optimistic outlook for the sector, predicting a high property demand and stable real estate growth in the current year. Given the positive trend, investors and home-buyers are once again turning their attention toward the real estate industry, assessing their options, and looking to discover new interesting opportunities.

And while it’s difficult to predict what the future has in store for the local and global housing market, there are a few entrepreneurs and companies that are worth keeping an eye on. Israeli real estate businessman Tom John Or-Paz and his exciting startup LightArt are definitely among the most interesting players in the field at the moment, and we’ve got more than enough arguments to prove it. 

At the age of only 33, Tom John has already achieved more than most professionals do in a lifetime – and all that without relying on family support, fortune, or connections. Tom is mostly known in the industry for designing the branded residence of the global company FashionTV. But probably his greatest accomplishment so far is creating LightArt, a branded real estate company that is set to change the face of the housing market as we know it. 

LightArt – from Austria to Dubai and all across the world 

Growing up in a Buddhist home in Tel Aviv, Tom has been involved in branded real estate since 2013, when he became the head of FashionTV’s branded real estate division. His passion for art and property development culminated with the creation of LightArt – an exciting startup that encompasses Tom’s vision for the real estate industry in the sense that it allows him to use the interaction between modern art and design to create unique living spaces and provide exclusive housing experiences.

LightArt has been designing branded apartments and buildings in a variety of locations such as Austria, Dubai, India, and Tel Aviv, and has many more interesting projects coming up in the near future. The company is aiming to expand globally, targeting the real estate markets in America, Europe, and Africa alike. 

In order to put his projects into motion, Tom works with reputable construction firms, and leading architects, designers, and artists from all across the world transforming basic properties into attractive settings for investors, tenants, and home-buyers alike.  

What sets LightArt apart from other companies in the field is the emotional connection that emerges with each and every one of the projects. Light art creates unique experiences by providing its clients with services that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements.  

But LightArt is not only concerned with beauty and aesthetic appeal. Innovation and sustainability also play a major role in the development of the projects. The company aims to make life more pleasant for residents by implementing a variety of smart home elements while also prioritizing environmental protection. 

The living spaces created by Tom John’s LightArt are a perfect blend of innovation, aesthetics, art, and utility, bringing an inimitable approach to real estate. 


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