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"I searched your name but didn't find you..."            

Most of real estate leads come through networking or word of mouth. When a client is ready to work with you, their first step is to Google your name. If you don’t come up, or they land at your brokerage website, you will often miss your chance to get their business.            

With MyRealtyPage Suite, website built and customized by our team, you can be found and start capturing leads online.            

How it Works            

MyRealtyPage Suite Is A Powerful, Proven Website Framework With A Promise:            

Be Found.             
Claim free domain or a custom domain             
Build & launch your own landing page             
Setup your Google profile             
Live in few days from receiving your business information with 100% money back guarantee.            


Our Money Back Guarantee             
If you are not happy with the results, you can ask for your money back – and you’ll get all your money back!    

(No, we have never had anyone do it… but there’s no risk with MyRealtyPage Suite!)            

Are You Ready To Launch Your Brand?         

N 200, $0.48/month hosting, security, review loop           

Pay for 1-year and get a 10% Discount on Maturity plan         

FREE domain with every purchase for Maturity plan/year!         

Bonus: Get Reviews            
Your MyRealtyPage Suite will help you get reviews on Google which will make it even easier for people to find you and trust you.         

Only $0.48 to Be Live in few Days!         

Don’t love it? Get a complete refund.         

We start your development support when we receive your business information:   


Submit an overview of some basic business information. 


Setup proven conversion framework with your brand colors and fonts! 

DAY 3: ADD SITE COPY & PHOTOS           

Place website text and photos, and test on all devices for your pages. 

DAY 4: REVIEW AND APPROVE YOUR Realtypage Suite           

Take a look at what we built , integrated with your domain, and check it out on all devices! 

DAY 5: LAUNCH + GROW           

Launch your new site - complete with an integrated reputation builder. Start your 10 Week Digital Marketing Boot Camp (INCLUDED). Free technical support so you can continue to build, edit, and update your site design and content with ease on your custom MyRealtyPage platform! 


Claim and optimize Google profile so you can be found and start collecting Google reviews and grow your business. 

N 200, $0.48/Month            
Be found by name on Google:            
High Speed Cloud-based Hosting            
Security Certificate (SSL)            
'Google My Business' Updates            
Review Builder Loop         

Get Started  

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