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Old school agents sell properties by:

* Taking photos on their personal cameras
* Entering the home into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
* Sticking a sign in yard
* Telling a few agents about new listing
* Waiting for buyers and/or agents to drive by and call the number on the sign
* Selling hard and negotiating aggressively

New school agents sell properties by:

* Hiring a professional photographer or taking the photos on their iPhone
* Emailing or texting clients and agents about the listing coming soon 
* Entering the home into the MLS
* Putting a sign in the yard, sometimes
* Advertising the property on (Enhanced by Google)
* Shooting virtual walk-through and video home marketing 
* Publishing a website for the home, using tools like "MyRealtyPage Suite", and featuring the property in eNewsletters.

Are you new school or old school? 
Join the “new school marketing guru’s, with classic, old school values.”

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