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A smarter way to diversify your real estate portfolio and create sustainable wealth through insured cooperative investment. PINCOOP platform creates an easy way for low and middle-income earners (Everyone) to build and enjoy sustainable wealth by co-investing in cash-flowing properties, a privilege usually only available and accessible to high-net-worth individuals.

This is when two or more people puts money together to sponsor a real estate project on the PINCOOP platform. The money is usually locked in till the duration of the project after which the co-sponsors shares profit from the amount realized from the project. Profits realized from co-sponsorship is usually very high

This is when two or more people gather money together to co-own own a property on the PINCOOP platform to earn yearly rental income for life.The Co-ownership option gives you an opportunity to earn high annual rental income and also capital appreciation of 5%-20% in every 2 years

This is when two or more people gather money together to co-lease a choice property on the PINCOOP platform for either 5-10 years or more and earn yearly rental income within the lease period

Enjoy continuous access to the most affordable high yielding real estate investments broken down into units for your accessibility. You can now diversify your real estate portfolio seamlessly.

Receive your own share of high returns on investment from the properties you co-invest in.

Start your journey to sustainable wealth creation by seamlessly building a diversified portfolio from viable high end and high income producing property investment listings.

Earnings Till Infinity
Enjoy the benefits of co-investing in cash flow producing properties and receive continuous earnings for life.

Proudly Africa's No.1 Proptech
Ways to Co-Invest on the PINCOOP Platform

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