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An investment firm, Pertinence Group, on Saturday, has urged Lagosians to take advantage of numerous business and economic opportunities in the state.

Pertinence Group, an Enterprise Development Company invests in creating value, opportunities and wealth and has, over the years, provided value-adding and solution-driven results across sectors of the economy.

Speaking at a wealth summit titled ‘the real Money of Lagos’, held at the KICC dome, the founder of Pertinence Group, Sunday Olorunseyi, urged Lagosians to take advantage of the numerous opportunities that would be unveiled by the group.

According to him, the firm through it’s numerous wealth interventions and solutions have created wealth for Nigerians.

He said: “a lot of opportunities will be unveiled today and we want Lagosians to take advantage of it. Most of our plannings have always been how to make millionaires and we believe wealth comes with value addition and impact in other people’s life.

“When people want to talk about ones life, they talked about the number of people your life has transformed.. When we gather at the wealth summit we don’t talk about how many people we have made or riches we have added but how to make other people become wealthy. Wealth is about sufficient multiplication effect because the system that wires a wealthy man is wired by long term decision.”

Speaking earlier, the co-founder of the group, Wisdom Ezekiel, also disclosed that the firm is unveiling a project at Epe which he said, will come with 50 percent discount to subscribers.

He also disclosed the launching of an estate called Ire at the Mowe end of the Lagos Ibadan expressway which he said comprised enterprise, inhabitant and resort.

He, however, advised Lagosians to identify opportunities inherent in Lagos state, saying, they must be able to spot and as well take advantage of the numerous opportunities.

To him, “we are giving out 10 plots of land to Nigerians today. We are flagging off a project at Epe and we are unveiling that particular project with a 50 per cent discount for subscribers.

“Anyone who subscribe today and pay above N50,000 stand a chance to win a plot of land free of charge. We will run a raffle draw and the ten persons that win will be refunded the initial money paid for subscription. However, we decided to engage in this promo launch because it’s our 10th year anniversary.”

Speaking on why the group launched Ire, Ezekiel said, the group decide to bring experience of what was seen abroad to Nigeria.

“In Nigeria, we are scrating the surface of real estate, we have not started yet. I, however, informed my partners that the things we see abroad, we should be able to bring it to Nigeria for Nigerians to enjoy.

“Ire Estate, encompasses three things which are enterprise where one can do business, residential and resort,” he said.

He, however disclosed that the integrity the group and built over the years have been their driving force of their success.

“In pertinence group, we haven’t found any investor who said they invested their money and haven’t gotten value for it One of our mentors told us that the greatest way to get a bad name is to shortchange your investor or it they didn’t get value for investment,” he stressed.

He, however, admonished Lagosians to tap into the numerous opportunities inherent in the state, saying, Lagos is a land with so many  opportunities but not discovered by the residents.

“One of the greatest transforming factors is to be able to have eye to spot numerous opportunities that abound in Lagos and take advantage of it. Opportunities abound in Lagos, hence people should be able to spot it and take advange of it. People should have solutions to issues in Lagos.”

“Everyone is gifted in it’s own way but Nigeria is full of people who are talented and not skillful and that’s one of the missing factor,” he stated. 


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