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PaytoLet is changing the way people rent homes in a market that's growing at over 100% per annum across Africa, Europe, North America, and Australia. We're working with some of the biggest real estate agents in Lagos, Nigeria, helping them list their properties on our platform and generate more business through online advertising.  


We're working with some big names in real estate in Lagos, Nigeria. They've been using our platform to list their properties for sale and generate leads for their businesses.  

Listing Properties  

If you're looking to sell property in Lagos, Nigeria, or anywhere else in Africa, we can help! You can list your property on our website and use our platform to generate leads and find buyers.  

Online Advertising  

One of the easiest ways to generate leads and sell property is by using online advertising. Our platform allows you to advertise your property, gives you a fast, integrated solution to help you reach more leads that convert through organic search. Be everywhere your client is searching online. Forget what you know about traditional Real Estate, at PaytoLet everything happens digitally, quickly, and reliably.  This helps you reach potential customers who might not otherwise see your listing.  


Social Media Marketing  

If you’ve been looking into social media marketing, then you probably know how powerful it can be. It’s one of the fastest growing industries today because people are becoming increasingly aware of its benefits.  

You can use our platform to list your property for sale or rent. This means that we will help you find potential buyers or renters who are interested in buying or renting your home. (1)


Generate Leads From Online Ads.  

Our platform also helps you generate leads by placing ads on websites and social media platforms. These ads appear alongside other listings, so when people search for homes, they see your ad as well.  

You don't work for, we work for you. Be part of the technological change in Real Estate!   
The real estate industry is changing, and it is changing fast. From the way we find properties to the way we buy them, everything has changed. The digital era has made home buying easier than ever before.  

New Career?   
Do you want to start a new and successful career?  

If you are young, interested in the sales sector, and want a satisfactory income, then Real Estate and technology are the ideal choices for you.  


If you are already in the field of Real Estate, it is time to evolve by having access to the unique PayoLet technological tool, Enhanced by Google. Don't limit your property promotion strategy to your social media.  



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Paytolet gives you a fast, integrated solution to help you reach more leads that convert through organic search.

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