The area of a rectangular plot of land is calculated by multiplying its length by its width. For example, if a plot measures 10 feet long and 20 feet wide, then its area would be 100 square feet.

Square Footage = Area x Length x Width.

If you need to find the area of a square plot of ground, simply multiply the length times the width. For example, a plot measuring 10 feet long and 20 ft wide has an area of 100 sq ft.

Square Meters = 1 Meter x 1 Meter x 1 Meter.

In the United States, one acre equals 43,560 square meters (43,560 m2). One hectare equals 2.47 acres (1 ha = 2.47 acres) or 10,000 m2. One hectare is equal to 0.878 hectares (0.878 km2), or 809,600 m2.

Square Kilometers = 1000 meters x 1000 meters x 1000 meters.

If you need to measure an area of land, use the following formula: Area = Length x Width.

Square Miles = 1 Mile x 1 Mile x 1 Mile.

In order to find the length and width of a plot of land, multiply the number of feet by the number of inches. So, if you have a lot of land, you will need to multiply the number of feet (length) by the number of inches (width).

Square Feet = 0.097 m² x 0.097 m³ x 0.097m.

If you have a rectangular plot of land, then you would use the following formula: Length × Width = Area.

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