Landlord or tenant?

There's a lot of confusion about who should pay the land use charge. It's important to know, though, because if you're a tenant, there are some things you can do in order to reduce your bill.

The landlord pays this fee, so it's important that you get into touch with them and find out how they plan to contribute. You can also ask whether they've paid it in the past or if they plan on doing so next month. If they haven't paid any in the past, it may be possible for them to get a discount by paying more up front.

If you rent from a landlord who doesn't pay the land use charge but expects tenants to pay it instead, then you'll need to make sure that you pay up front every month—don't wait until the last minute! Once again, try asking your landlord if they're planning on contributing anything this month or if they have any plans for future months. If not, consider paying for yourself directly through your bank account online or by cashier's check so that you can avoid late fees later on down the road if something goes wrong with your payment method due to an error.

 Landlords are responsible for paying the land use charge.

Properties For Rent

Below is a detailed price list of each house to let


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