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To address the issues between landlords and tenants as well as educate Nigerians on law and property, a legal practitioner and real estate investment coach, Dr. Prince Williams-Joel has launched three books that address the pros and cons in the industry.

The books focusing on the real estate sector tend to address the challenges by providing solution to common technicalities and complications in the real estate practice.
The event, held Lagos recently, drew men and women from all walks of life including top government officials, captains of industries, lawyers, investors and practitioners among others.
Speaking on the books, Williams-Joel, who is also the Senior Partner of Prince Joel & Associates, said, “The first book title, ‘Understanding Your Rights As A Tenant/Landlord Under The Nigerian Law’ is basically to equip the citizens to know their rights.


“Considering how you are, either a landlord or a tenant, it is important that everyone knows his or her rights as this would not only help decongest the issues between landlords and tenants. If you go to courts today, there are numerous landlord/tenant cases, and one of the parties is always a victim. So, the book is to educate Nigerians about the obligations and duties of each party. A society that is not educated is defunct.
“A lot of people fall victim of property purchase because they fail to do the needful which is due diligence. For this to happen there are basic approaches and strategies to use and this is what the book is about. It also goes further down to jurisdictional issues – looking at different parameters in acquiring properties in states within the country as each jurisdiction comes with different structural and fundamental due diligence approaches.


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