Nigerian Government Compensates Property Owners Affected by Coastal Highway Construction

The Nigerian government has begun compensating property owners whose lands were demolished to make way for the Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway project. This N2.75 billion payment marks the initial phase of compensation for the country’s largest infrastructure project to date.

David Umahi, the Minister of Works, announced the compensation during a stakeholders meeting in Lagos. He explained that the N2.75 billion covers properties located along the first 3 kilometers of the highway (channel 0 to channel 3). This segment is currently under construction.

“These are tough decisions,” Umahi said, “but they had to be taken for economic value.”

The Lagos-Calabar Coastal Highway is a 700-kilometer project that will significantly improve transportation links between the country’s major coastal cities. The project has faced some criticism, particularly regarding the demolition of properties. However, the government has emphasized its commitment to fair compensation for affected residents.

Olukorede Kesha, the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos, assured the public that the project is well underway. “The coastal highway has come to stay and is no longer in the pipeline,” she said. “We are paying for properties demolished on the first 3 kilometers today, and those affected will be receiving their compensation.”

The compensation process aims to address concerns raised by property owners and ensure they are not unfairly impacted by the development project. This initial N2.75 billion disbursement is a significant step towards achieving that goal.


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