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Lekki, Lagos State

₦292,334,596 Selling

Property Brief
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Category House
Square 277 m²
Number of bedrooms 4
Number of bathrooms 4
Price ₦292,334,596

N292,334,596 At the heart of Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate is a unique piece of sheer luxury enclosed by privileged views of the golf course called the Villa Bella. The Villa Bella is a premium residence of 4 bedrooms with a gross floor area of 276.5 m2. The architectural style is contemporary with minimal ornamentation, an open-plan living area, and large windows. Payment plan available over a 6 month period.

Finished (Land size of 583) 307m² – N283,999,139
Finished (Land size of 587) 307m² – N284,146,979
Finished (Land size of 618) 307m² – N287,249,946
Finished (Land size of 653) 307m² – N292,438,093
Finished (Land size of 652) 307m² – N292,334,596
Shell (Land size of 583) 307m² – N123,035,204
Shell (Land size of 587) 307m² – N123,529,769
Shell (Land size of 618) 307m² – N127,355,323
Shell (Land size of 653) 307m² – N131,647,720
Shell (Land size of 652) 307m² – N131,771,987

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