Why Buy Land in Eko Atlantic?

Discover the amazing financial benefits of buying land in Eko Atlantic with our informative guide! Find out how you can invest wisely and reap the rewards.

Best Place to Visit in Lagos Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria is a bustling metropolis with plenty to see and do. If you're planning a trip, be sure to check out our list of the best places to visit in Lagos! From museums and historical sites to beaches and parks, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city.

What steps can you take to purchase a property in high brow areas in Nigeria?

Buying property in high brow areas in Nigeria can be a daunting task, but with the right steps, you can make sure you get the best deal possible. Here are some steps you can take to purchase a property in high brow areas in Nigeria:


It’s generally believed that the property business is largely male-dominated, especially in Nigeria where it’s believed that women can’t be trusted with a huge amount of money when it comes to big investments. But this notion is now gradually waning off by the day.

Going Beyond the Narratives: Get to Know Nigeria

Go beyond the media narratives and discover Nigeria for what it really is - a beautiful country with a rich cultural history, diverse landscapes and people, and plenty to explore.

The Ultimate Guide to Securing Your Smart Building Network

Don't let a cyber attack ruin your smart building! Follow these easy-to-implement tips and secure your infrastructure today.

The Complete Guide to Digital Transformation for Real Estate in the UAE

Explore digital transformation for real estate in the UAE and learn the most effective strategies to maximize success. This complete guide will help you navigate this essential transition.

Is Digital Real Estate Scam or Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Investing in digital real estate can be a risky proposition, so you need to know what you are getting into. Find out the truth about this business opportunity with this post!

Habits of Ultra Successful Real Estate Agents

There are specific behaviors and traits that help propel real estate agents to great success. Learn what they are and how to use them to reach new heights!

Top 10 most expensive houses in Nigeria

Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive houses in Nigeria. The most expensive houses in this list are residential houses owned by prominent Nigerian men and women in Nigeria.

SEO Dictionary Every New Real Estate Agent Needs

Let’s face it. The real estate market is more competitive than ever. As a novice in this industry, you’ve probably gone through a hurdle to set roots in a constantly changing market.

Prolong the Life Span of Your Appliances

From the refrigerator to the dishwasher, your home appliances help make life a little more manageable.

House Selling Checklist

Getting your house ready to put on the market can seem like a massive undertaking. From cleaning to staging, you might not know where to begin.

Home Purchase Costs You May Have Forgotten

When you’re purchasing a home, most of your budgeting is built around the costs directly associated with your purchase. You’re probably planning for your EMD, home inspection, some repairs, your down payment, and closing costs.

How To Buy A House In Lagos, Abuja And Kano As A Foreigner

Buying a property in Nigeria is not easy. You have to be careful when choosing a real estate agent. Read our tips on how to choose an agent.

How much to buy a house in lagos

The cost of buying a house in Lagos, Nigeria can vary greatly depending on the size, location, and condition of the property. Generally speaking, the price of a standard two-bedroom home in a good area of Lagos can range from ₦65 million to ₦180 million. For a more upscale property,...

How to Respond to a Rent Increase Letter - 5 Tips

Has your landlord sent you a rent increase letter? Here are 5 tips for how to respond and protect yourself during the process.

Sample of Rent Increase Letter in Nigeria

This sample can be used as a guide by landlords in Nigeria when increasing their tenants' rent.

5 Powerful Real Estate Agent Quotes to Keep You Going

Struggling for motivation in your successful real estate business? Make the most out of our powerful quotes from top profile that keep you going!

A Comprehensive Look Into Comfort Levels Between Abuja and Lagos

Are you debating between moving to Abuja or Lagos? Check out this article for a comprehensive look into comfort levels in Nigeria’s two biggest cities.

How to Negotiate After a Home Inspection

There’s nothing as exciting as finding the perfect home. From the right number of bedrooms to a spacious yard, finding a house that satisfies your standards can have you eager to call it home sweet home.

Here’s What Must Stay and What Must Go When Selling Your Home

Moving day is getting close, and you’re all set with boxes, tape, and a truck. But before you begin packing everything in your home, it can be helpful to know which items typically stay with the house and which items you should take with you.

Apartment in Southampton

En-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and basin. Ideal for two guests...

Beginner’s Guide to Being a Landlord

Taking on the role of landlord is a huge undertaking. You have renters to find (and trustworthy ones at that), a property to look after, and being the go-between for the many different people involved in this process.

5 Smart Upgrades that Increase Your Home’s Appeal

From kitchen renovations to a new roof, there are several upgrades you can complete to help make your home more appealing to potential buyers.

The Moving Day Survival Kit

Getting ready to move into your new home can be a hectic experience.

4 Tips to Help You Hire the Right Movers

Once you’ve purchased a home, you’ll need to hire a moving company to transport your belongings into your new house.

Wilton Gardens - Wilton Gardens only opts for monthly rent payments

Wilton Gardens - Wilton Gardens only opts for monthly rent payments from £410 - £700/Month

6 Ways to Stage Your Garage

When you’re getting ready to sell your home, staging can highlight the best parts of your house, from the kitchen to the...

Marking a Milestone – PaytoLet’s One-Year Anniversary & Conquering Obstacles in Real Estate Home Search

Celebrating PaytoLet's one-year anniversary! Learn how we've grown and surpassed unexpected challenges in real estate home search.

The In-Law Suite Life

At first glance, multigenerational living arrangements may seem unusual, but they were once the rule, not the exception. In mid- to late-nineteenth-century America, the majority of elderly parents and grandparents lived with their children.

8 Things Not Included in a Home Inspection

The home inspection is an essential part of your homebuying journey. Your inspector can identify potential problems in the...

Everything You Need to Know about Real Estate Attorneys

When you buy or sell a home, you will work with several professionals throughout the process.

Bathroom Staging Tips

Your bathroom is a space you use every day. That’s why it’s important to make these rooms as appealing as possible...

Sell Your Home Faster with These Staging Tips

Home staging can help you sell your house faster and for top dollar. Since you’re likely still living in the space, it can be...

Homebuying Tips for Military

Among the many changes that joining the military brings, a frequent change in location is sometimes part of the territory...

6 Ways to Overcome the Emotions of Selling a Home

Selling your home can stir up a range of emotions you may not have expected. While you may feel excited about the...

The Pros and Cons of a Virtual Home Tour

If you’ve been in the market for a new home or rental property, you’ve probably scoured the internet for options...

How to Stage Your Home While You’re Living In It

If you’re eager to put your home on the market, but you’re finding it difficult to stage amidst the uniqueness of your...

Homebuying 101: Gen-Z and Millennial Edition

According to the most recent Generational Trends report from the National Association of REALTORS®, Millennials currently...

The Language of Homebuying

Buying a home can be intimidating if you are not familiar with the most common phrases used throughout the process.

What real estate expects

With residential real estate bouncing back last year amid unfavourable conditions, Union Budget 2023 to be presented on February 1 should be able to sustain the trend

What Are the Key Responsibilities of a Real Estate Agent?

Ever wondered what the key roles of a real estate agent are? This article outlines the responsibilities and duties that are essential to working in this field.

Exploring State and Local Regulations on Rent Increases

Struggling to understand your rights as a renter? Look no further! This article covers the regulations and laws that apply to rent increases in various localities.

We’re Working With Some Of The Biggest Real Estate Agents In Nigeria

We're working with some of the biggest real estate agents in Lagos, Nigeria, helping them list their properties on our platform and generate more business through online advertising.

Inside a ₦345 Million ($460,000) Luxury 5 Bedroom Duplex With Cinema in Lekki

Inside a ₦345 Million ($460,000) Luxury 5 Bedroom Duplex With Cinema in Lekki

Property for Rent in East London - A Perfect Home

Need a place to stay in East London? Look no further! Check out our great selection of property for rent in the area - perfect for making your new home.

2023 Guide on Purchasing a New Home

Moving into a new home is an exciting process, but it can also be stressful. Read our 2023 guide for purchasing a new home and get prepared before you start shopping!

A Guide for Tenants: What to Do Before Signing a Lease Agreement

Before signing any rental agreement, tenants should take note of some key steps to make sure their experience is a success. Learn what to look out for in this guide!

What are the Legitimate Reasons a Landlord Can Evict Tenants?

Understand what legal criteria have to be met by landlords before they can evict tenants from a property in this informative post.

Expect sustained growth in real estate sector in 2023 — Nigeria

The analysts identified high interest rate environment, increase in the cost of building materials, poor land acquisition policy, and forfeiture orders on properties owned by politically exposed persons as major risks in the sector in 2023

How can real estate agents effectively market their services to buyers and sellers?

Hi there! As a real estate agent, marketing your services to buyers and sellers is key to a successful business.

What is the housing market outlook for 2023?

The housing market outlook for 2023 is difficult to predict with any certainty at this point, as there are a lot of variables that can affect the market. That said, there are a few key trends that suggest what the market may look like in 2023.

What does "white glove" mean in real estate terms?

When it comes to real estate, "white glove" is a term used to describe a level of service that goes beyond the norm. It usually involves providing additional services or amenities to the customer that other real estate companies may not offer.

Weighing up the Advantages & Disadvantages of Buying a Home in January

Weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of buying a home in January? Get the facts in our comprehensive guide - learn more now!

Are Rental Homes a Good Investment? Here's What You Need to Know

Are rental homes a good investment? Get all the information you need to decide with this comprehensive guide on rental home investments.

Pros and Cons of Investing in Real Estate vs Stocks and Bonds

Still deciding where to invest your money? Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of investing in real estate versus stocks & bonds with this helpful blog post.

How can landlords make sure their tenants are happy?

Making sure your tenants are happy is an important part of being a successful landlord. Your tenants are your customers, and if they’re not happy, they won’t stay long. Here are some tips to help you keep your tenants happy:

Creative Strategies For Selling A Rental Property

If you’re looking to sell a rental property, there are a few creative strategies you can use to make the process easier and more successful.

How to Get Organized and Keep Track of Everything Related to Property Management

Take control of your property management process now with this guide – learn how to stay organized and keep track of everything related to tenants and your property.

An Overview of Real Estate Developments & Investments by Development Companies

Have you ever wondered what development companies do when it comes to real estate developments and investments? Read this overview for an insightful look into their practices.

What Is a Real Estate Business and How Do I Start One?

Get the answers you need to launch a career in a real estate business. This guide covers everything from investing opportunities to marketing strategies – let's get started!

Landlord Tips and Tricks

Top property management hacks for landlords to protect their investments and increase their rents.

Advice for young real estate agents

Working as a real estate agent is a popular career choice for anyone looking for more freedom and control in their professional lives. Becoming a real estate agent is essentially like starting your own business, which gives you a certain amount of flexibility and independence. This can be attractive, especially...

Do you need to have an income to purchase a house with a mortgage loan?

Yes, you do need to have an income to purchase a house with a mortgage loan. A mortgage loan is a type of loan used to finance the purchase of a house. When you take out a mortgage loan, you are borrowing money from a lender to purchase the home.

The 'Proptech' Boost Is Driving Residential Real Estate Sales

The "Proptech" boost is driving residential real estate sales. Shraddha gives more details

He Turns Shipping Containers Into Luxury Hotels!

He Turns Shipping Containers Into Luxury Hotels. New innovative way of constructing and owning real estate in Africa.

Why has Canada banned most foreigners from buying homes till 2025?

Canada has recently taken steps to limit non-resident foreigners from buying residential real estate in the country until at least 2025. The move is part of a larger effort to help manage housing affordability and the availability of homes for Canadians.

Why Some Real Estate Agents Earn Millions and Others Don't

Don't understand why some real estate agents are wildly successful while others don't even break even? We explore the answer to this question in this blog post!

Secrets of Making Money with Real Estate Options Revealed

If you want to know how to make money with real estate options, find out the secrets of success in this helpful post. Discover how to maximize profits and minimize risk.

When you buy a building, do you buy the debt too, or is that left on the previous owner?

It depends on what kind of building you're buying and what kind of debt is attached to it. Generally speaking, when you purchase a building, you are not buying the debt that is associated with the building—it is the responsibility of the previous owner to pay off the debt.

Beach Houses in Lagos

Take a tour of Lagos' fabulous beach houses and learn about the best places to stay in this amazing coastal city. Experience local culture with our helpful tips and photos!

2023 - It's Time to Welcome New Beginnings: Happy  New Year. We're ringing in 2023 with today's PaytoLet Doodles

Happy New Year. We're ringing in 2023 with today's PaytoLet Doodles.We're a few steps closer to becoming unstoppable; Welcome to 2023 – it's a new start for us all. Get inspired with the revolutionary changes and innovative ideas!

How often can a landlord increase rent in lagos state

The short answer is: it depends. In Lagos State, there are no specific laws about how frequently your landlord can increase rent. This is because the laws regulating rent are complex and vary by region.

Is there a scarcity of land on Earth?

Yes, land scarcity is definitely a problem on Earth. Land is a finite resource, meaning once it's gone, it's gone for good. We are already seeing the effects of land scarcity in many parts of the world due to overpopulation, rapid urbanization, and climate change.

Do Australians pay annual property tax for their real estate properties like the Americans do?

No, Australians do not pay annual property taxes like Americans do. Property taxes in Australia are actually quite different from those in the United States.

What are the top ten highest asking prices for waterfront real estate in the Cayman Islands in 2023?

The Cayman Islands are a popular destination for waterfront real estate investments, and the asking prices for such properties have been steadily increasing over the past several years. As we approach 2023, the top ten highest asking prices for waterfront real estate in the Cayman Islands can be expected to...

What projects are leading the way in the tokenization of real estate?

Discover the cutting-edge projects leading the real estate tokenization revolution and how they are transforming the industry. Get all of your questions answered!

Let's Make a Wish For 2023 Together: Share Your Thoughts Here!

It's almost 2023! What would you love to see happen in the upcoming year? We invite you to come together and make a wish on our blog post! Let us know in the comments!

How to file a legal complaint against your landlord/tenant

Are you a landlord/tenant and need to file a legal complaint? This guide explains the process and steps required for filing a legal complaint against your landlord/tenant.

What will be the future for tenants?

As the rental landscape continues to shift, find out what the future holds for tenants with this in-depth post. Learn about potential changes coming your way!

Why is social media branding important for realtors, and what problem do realtors face when they have improper branding

Social media branding is an essential part of a successful realtor's business. Learn why this investment can pay great dividends!

Feel Our Corporate Social Responsibility - PaytoLet

Our Proptech startups is an exciting new way to make a positive social and/or environmental impact. We make use of technology to improve the real estate industry. We are are using innovative techniques to make the process of buying, selling, and renting property more efficient and socially responsible.

Key factors that will influence home buyers in 2023

When it comes to home buying, there are a variety of factors that could influence potential buyers in 2023.

The Best Platforms for Connecting with International Real Estate Investors

Looking for ways to connect with international real estate investors? Check out the top platforms that can help you network and grow your business!

Can a foreigner become a real estate agent in Brazil?

Once you have your license, you will need to register with the local real estate board and complete any additional training requirements. You will also need to obtain a tax identification number and other business documents.

Real Estate in Nigeria: What Futuristic Changes Should We Expect?

With Nigeria's growing population and rapid economic development, stay ahead with our look into what's coming for the country's real estate landscape. Find out now!

Preparing for the Future - What Real Estate Developers Are Anticipating For 2023

2023 is right around the corner - so what real estate trends should you be aware of? Learn what developers are anticipating now to stay ahead.

The 8 best real-estate reality TV shows to binge over the holidays

What's a more fun way to start the New Year inspired — without even getting off the couch — than by binge-watching some real-estate reality TV?

Full Story: The Florida real estate firm accused of ‘equity theft’ by St. Louis homeowners

ST. LOUIS — Dianne Allen had been ignoring the calls from a number she didn’t recognize. But after so many, she finally relented.

Opinion: Commercial real estate more ‘balanced’ in 2023

In a reflection of higher interest rates, Metro Vancouver prices expected to come down next years as buyers and sellers adjust, expert suggests

Photos: Top-selling homes in Flagler County

Here are some of the top sellers in real estate for the week of Nov. 17-23 in Flagler County in the Multiple Listing Service.

How to Use Proven Tactics to Make Your Real Estate Video Go Viral

Learn how to get maximum reach for your real estate videos with this list of surefire methods! Get all the tips and tricks that professionals use to make their videos go viral.

The Future of Real Estate: Harnessing the Power of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is taking the real estate industry by storm, with incredible potential for buyers and sellers. Learn more about its impact!

Watch this before buying a house

So, you're starting to think about buying a house. Well, before you dive head first into a mortgage, take a look at this video.

Making Home Ownership More Affordable

With record-high home prices in neighborhoods all over the country, some homebuyers have become frustrated as they watch their buying power erode month by month.

How to Know When It’s Time to Move

If you’re on the fence of whether to move or not, it’s crucial that the entire family sits down and makes a list of pros and cons. But sometimes, even that’s not enough, and you can be left wondering whether or not it’s the right time to get the moving...

Speak the Home Buying Language

The best time to buy a house is when you’re ready, but buying a home can be intimidating if you are not familiar with the most common phrases used during the process.

Best Home Upgrades for Under $500

When putting your house on the market, one of the biggest questions is how you can ensure that your home will be greeted warmly by buyers in your area. Often, it only takes a little bit of outlay to create big results.