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Why has Canada banned most foreigners from buying homes till 2025?

Canada has recently taken steps to limit non-resident foreigners from buying residential real estate in the country until at least 2025. The move is part of a larger effort to help manage housing affordability and the availability of homes for Canadians.

Canada Is In Recession & “Overvalued” Real Estate Will Be Hard Hit: Oxford Econ

Canada’s overstimulated economy is experiencing withdrawal from the end of low rates. Oxford Economics‘ warned investors the country is already in recession.

Deborah Ojo: Breaking boundaries in Canada’s real estate sector with DeboraHomes

She’s a real estate broker with RE/MAX, the largest real estate company in Canada. She is passionate about educating buyers and sellers on the real estate process and is committed to educating, mentoring and supporting other entrepreneurs.

Real estate in Canada: 45% intended to rely on home sale to fund retirement

Akshay Tandon discusses a new survey showing many Canadians are concerned about their retirement plans as inflation and housing costs rise.

Invesco targets €1bn for its first European real estate debt fund

Unlike most private debt funds, the strategy will be open-ended to provide greater liquidity to investors.

The Future Of Real Estate: Fintech 50 2022

Over the past two years, while droves of Americans began working remotely and mortgage rates hit historic lows, home sales spiked, creating a rising tide for real estate-focused companies.

Canada to Ban Foreigners From Buying Homes as Prices Soar

Canada will ban most foreigners from buying homes for two years and provide billions of dollars to spur construction activity in an attempt to cool off a surging real-estate market.

Canada Real Estate: Experts answer your questions

Buying a home is likely the biggest financial decision you'll ever make and you probably have a lot of questions before making a purchase.