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UNILAG Housing Unit Converts Duplex to Two-Bedroom Flats to Ameliorate Accommodation Challenges

Lagos, Nigeria - The University of Lagos (UNILAG) Housing Unit has converted a duplex into two two-bedroom flats in a bid to ameliorate the accommodation challenges of members of staff.

Gidi Real Estate Continues Commitment to Developing Innovative Real Estate Solutions

On Friday, October 27, 2023, Gidi Real Estate Investment Limited launched the fourth estate of the Epe Gardens series - an exclusive estate that offers a unique blend of nature and modernity.

Ibeju-Lekki: Road to Real Estate Riches

Ibeju-Lekki, a coastal enclave in Lagos State, Nigeria, is rapidly becoming a prime real estate destination. The recent overhaul of the roads in the area has only amplified its allure to investors and property buyers alike.

VIDEO: The “Secret Sauce” We Used to Make Millions in Real Estate

If you are interested in learning more about real estate partnerships, We recommend watching this video

Blockchain and its impact on real estate

Let these experts explain the exciting and developing world of the digital real estate transaction.

Can I Invest in Real Estate As a Student?

Investing as a student can be one of the smartest financial decisions you'll make. The sooner you begin putting your money into assets that go to work for you and help you earn, the more time you'll have for compound growth to make you wealthier.

8 Things to Ask a Real Estate Agent Before Hiring One

Whether you’re buying or selling a house, hiring a real estate agent would be one of the best solutions for you if you want to get through this process as smoothly as possible.

Alaro City: The Future of Lagos

Alaro City is a new mixed-use city in Lagos, Nigeria. It is a major investment opportunity with a strategic location and world-class infrastructure.

Skwnapp Creative Enterprises to Invest in Edutech and Create More Remote Job Opportunities

Skwnapp Creative Enterprises, owners of PaytoLet, is embarking on an investment in Edutech to create more remote job opportunities. Learn more!

Why Buy Land in Eko Atlantic?

Discover the amazing financial benefits of buying land in Eko Atlantic with our informative guide! Find out how you can invest wisely and reap the rewards.

Co-Own a property with as low as ₦20,000

Cuddle is pleased to announce a very rewarding and exciting co-ownership opportunity at Cuddle Zone, Epe II, a This property is what you will call favoured, as it is positioned right in the epicentre of an intending boom that's building up rapidly with each passing day.

5 Places To Invest In Real Estate In The UK

London has been ranked as one of the top 10 places to invest in real estate by CNBC. Find out why!

Start your journey to sustainable wealth creation with PINCOOP

PINCOOP simplifies the real estate investment markets by introducing the co-ownership and co-earning models.

Nigeria: Caveat Emptor: The Importance Of Legal Due Diligence In Real Estate Transactions In Nigeria

Real Estate, whether commercial, residential or industrial remains one of the most viable investment opportunities globally.

5 Reasons Every Entrepreneur Should Invest in Real Estate

With 90% of millionaires finding profitable income streams, tax advantages, and recession-resistant assets, you can't afford to ignore real estate any longer.

Real Estate Investment Guide 2022: COVID-19 upended B.C. real estate-or did it?

From residential and office to retail and industrial, here are the prospects for playing the local property market

Invesco targets €1bn for its first European real estate debt fund

Unlike most private debt funds, the strategy will be open-ended to provide greater liquidity to investors.

5 Tips for New Investors Who Want to Make Money With Real Estate

Follow these helpful tips before you start investing in real estate.

Blockchain Technology is Revolutionizing the Real Estate Industry

Changing the future of transactions to be more secure, transparent and efficient.

InvestNext is Powering Tomorrow’s Real Estate Deals with an Innovative Investment Platform

Detroit, Michigan, May 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For real estate investment syndications and firms, guiding investors through the entire investment cycle can be a full-time job in itself.

Home deficit: Real estate finance institution offers N20bn investment in Lagos housing sector

A real estate finance firm, Shelter Afrique, has expressed readiness to invest N20 billion in the Lagos housing sector as part of efforts to reduce housing deficit in Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general.

Dubai-based real estate behemoth DAMAC Properties to accept Bitcoin as payment

DAMAC Properties, a leading luxury real estate developer in Dubai, announced on April 27 that it would support the digital economy by enabling the conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat currency, as well as the selling of real estate to wealthy holders of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How to effectively reduce real estate investment risks

Investment in real estate should be preceded by a holistic, practical, and risk assessment approach to maximise benefits and minimise losses.

Two real estate companies in Southland to merge

Southland Real Estate and Bayleys Real Estate are to merge, with the amalgamation to be complete in June.

Crypto boom opens door to a new class of landlords

Startups are offering people a way to buy stakes in rental homes for as little as $50 through blockchain-based tokens.

A new program aims to make the Dallas real estate development industry more inclusive

People of color have long struggled to break into the real estate developer industry. But the Equitable Development Initiative is aimed at changing that in Dallas. The program will support about 20 emerging real estate developers of color to grow their businesses.

President Sisi orders further promotion of real estate investment for Egyptian expats

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ordered to expand the scope of efforts to promote real estate investment in Egypt for Egyptian communities abroad, done through coordination with all concerned authorities and real estate development companies.

Level up your market trading with Benzinga Pro

Benzinga Pro brings you fast stock market news and alerts. Get access to market-moving news and customizable research tools so you can make informed trades.

Firm Makes Investment in UK Properties Easier for Nigerians, Kenyans

A platform to allow Nigerians and Kenyans to invest in properties in the United Kingdom has been created by Baron & Cabot, a United Kingdom property investment company.

Look Familiar? These Famous Portlanders Are Now Real Estate Agents

In Portland, Your Real Estate Agent Might Just Have a Past

Y'all-itics: Can you make money on blockchain real estate?

"That sounds crazy to a lot of people. But it sounds less crazy every day."

Jeff Bezos Backed Real Estate Investment Platform Fully Funds Two Properties In Just Two Hours

The real estate investment platform Arrived Homes launched its latest batch of new offerings today; six rental properties that retail investors can buy into with as little as $100.

Virtual land turns a real deal in Indian metaverse

New Delhi: Technology companies and real estate developers expect an increase in interest among Indians for buying virtual property on the metaverse platform.

Nearly $166 Million Goes to Deepki to Push for Virtuous Real Estate

While it might not be the first industry you think about when it comes to CO2 emissions, real estate is a major contributor. In fact, nearly 40% of emissions come from real estate, which is precisely what Deepki is concerned about.

What money can buy: A peek into Tulsa’s real estate market

Tulsa’s residential real estate is rich with myriad styles, sizes and prices.

Deepki grabs $166 million to help real estate investors reduce carbon emissions

French startup Deepki has raised a $166 million Series C funding round (€150 million). The company is building a software-as-a-service platform for the real estate industry. It’s a monitoring and analytics product that helps you take better decisions.

Construction & Real Estate industry private equity deals total $47.7bn globally in February 2022

Total construction & real estate industry private equity deals worth $47.7bn were announced globally in February 2022, with Blackstone’ $23.77bn private equity deal with Mileway being the sector’s biggest investment, according to GlobalData’s deals database.

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