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Who pays land use charge in lagos landlord or tenant

Landlords in Lagos are required to pay the land use charge, which is a payment made by landlords to the government. The purpose of this charge is to fund many public services related to Lagos. Landlords who do not pay this charge may be liable for fines and penalties.

Welcome to ULE - Nigeria's first retirement residential community

Ulé is an exclusive retirement enclave designed specially for senior citizens who want more out of life. Exceptional living quarters complemented by upscale finishing exude elegance and invites comfort best suited to see you through your golden years. All these features including easy access to the Lakowe wellness and urgent...

6 amazing facts about real estate in Nigeria

Long time ago, real estate business used to be a business for the wealthy unlike now when anyone can start the business with little or nothing.

Govt should create conducive atmosphere for businesses to thrive — Freeman Osonuga

Doctor Freeman Osonuga speaks about his journey as an entrepreneur and the challenges in the real estate sector.

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