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Best NFT Real Estate & Land Projects for 2022

The NFT market dates all the way back to 2014. It was here that some of the first prices of digital art were sold to eager investors. Since then, the demand for NFTs has grown substantially year on year, and in 2021 the NFT markets exploded in popularity.

Crypto Real Estate Is Here – Bitcoin Mortgages Are Just The Beginning

As cryptoassets continue to become increasingly integrated into mainstream financial conversations, financial markets, and are adopted by financial institutions, it is simply a matter of time before more sophisticated financial instruments make their debut.

Crypto boom opens door to a new class of landlords

Startups are offering people a way to buy stakes in rental homes for as little as $50 through blockchain-based tokens.

Metaverse Real Estate: The Where, Why & How Much of Investing in a Virtual World

Metaverse real estate is growing at a fast pace, both in interest and prices, and has been one of the top-grossing sectors in the NFT space in 2021 and in the past couple of months.