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Real Estate in Nigeria: What Futuristic Changes Should We Expect?

With Nigeria's growing population and rapid economic development, stay ahead with our look into what's coming for the country's real estate landscape. Find out now!

Adron Homes outshines peers, emerges real estate company of the year

Adron Homes and Properties, a leading Pan African real estate company, emerged as real estate company of the year at an International Housing and Construction Fair held at the University of Ibadan, Oyo State.

A little real estate investing advice

Here’s a simple, solid piece of investment advice. See if you know this already

Brains And Hammers inaugurates N5.6bn estate for oil and gas companies

Over the weekend, one of Nigeria’s leading real estate investment and development companies, Brains and Hammers, brought excitement to the housing market with the inauguration of a N5.6 billion estate in Lagos.

6 amazing facts about real estate in Nigeria

Long time ago, real estate business used to be a business for the wealthy unlike now when anyone can start the business with little or nothing.

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