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Tech Revolutionizing Real Estate: AI, Blockchain, and VR/AR Transforming the Trillion-Dollar Industry

Technology is revolutionizing the real estate industry, with AI, Blockchain, and VR/AR transforming the way we buy, sell, and interact with property. Learn about the latest trends and how these technologies are poised to reshape the trillion-dollar industry.

The accreditation and regulation of real estate developers in Oyo State

The Oyo State Government is set to accredit and regulate the activities of real estate developers in the state. This is part of the government's second term agenda for sustainable development and efforts to guard against bad eggs in the industry.

The 'Proptech' Boost Is Driving Residential Real Estate Sales

The "Proptech" boost is driving residential real estate sales. Shraddha gives more details

Old School vs. New School Real Estate Agents

There are many types of real estate agents out there. You’ve probably experienced this for yourself! There’s the old school agent who markets their properties using the same old practices their grandfather taught them, and there’s the new school agent who embraces every new technology out there, shying away from...

PaytoLet Nigeria: Introducing our new app on google play store

PaytoLet Nigeria is thrilled to announce the launch of our new product on google play store. Teaming up with Google, we are happy to now offer our users the ability to buy and sell property on PaytoLet from anywhere.

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