Texas Homebuyer Baffled by Barnyard Blocker: Goat Guards Squatter in Foreclosed Property

A Texas man’s dream of homeownership turned into a farmyard farce after he discovered a squatter residing in his newly purchased property – alongside a rather unfriendly roommate: a “pretty big goat.”

Daniel Cabrera, a professional homebuyer according to reports, secured a five-bedroom house in San Antonio for $175,000 from a woman facing foreclosure. He even offered the previous owner an additional ten days to vacate the premises. When Cabrera arrived to claim his property, he encountered a different kind of gatekeeper.

“I tried approaching the door, and it was a pretty big goat,” Cabrera told Fox News. “It wasn’t friendly either. I couldn’t get past the damn goat.”

The unwelcome caprine companion apparently took its role as guardian quite seriously, deterring Cabrera from entering his own home. Matters escalated when Cabrera’s father attempted to intervene. News reports detail the senior Cabrera falling victim to the goat’s territorial defense.

Legal eviction procedures likely lie ahead for Cabrera, but one wonders: how exactly will animal control handle this particularly stubborn squatter’s eviction assistant?


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