Young Condo Owner Faces Financial Crisis After HOA Fee Hike

A young woman in Florida is on the verge of losing her dream of homeownership due to a massive increase in homeowners’ association (HOA) fees. Britney Brawdy, 23, bought her condo in 2022, a significant achievement for her age. However, her dream turned sour in April when the condo association proposed a one-time fee of up to $22,000 per unit to replenish their depleted reserves.

Brawdy took to social media to express her distress, fearing she’ll be forced to sell her condo. “This letter has pretty much changed all our lives,” she said on TikTok. Brawdy isn’t alone. Condo associations across the country are facing financial shortfalls, leading to substantial fee hikes that threaten to price out many residents.

The condo association claims the increased fees are necessary to cover upcoming repairs and maintenance. However, the significant jump has left young homeowners like Brawdy struggling to afford both their mortgage and the HOA fees.

Brawdy’s story highlights the growing concern of affordability in condo communities. While HOAs offer benefits like shared amenities and property maintenance, rising fees can quickly become a burden, especially for young buyers who may have stretched their budgets to purchase.

For condo owners facing such situations, the options are limited. Some may struggle to find a buyer willing to take on the high HOA fees. Others may be forced to forgo necessary repairs in their own units to keep up with the association dues.

Experts suggest condo owners facing hefty fee hikes should thoroughly review the HOA’s financial statements to understand the reasoning behind the increase. Additionally, attending HOA meetings and actively participating in discussions about the budget and potential cost-saving measures is crucial.

Brawdy’s story serves as a cautionary tale for potential condo buyers. Understanding HOA fees and the association’s financial health is essential before entering into a purchase agreement.


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